During the 82nd Texas Legislative Session (beginning today), I will track of bills affecting Texas private employers and will link to those bills here.  I intend to update this post weekly to add bills enrolled the previous week and keep a compilation of all employment-related bills here.  Check back weekly for updates.

Bills Enrolled

H.B. 68 (Martinez) (Relating to notice concerning the use of criminal history information in an employer’s hiring process).

H.B. 223 (Strama) (Relating to unemployment compensation modernization).

H.B. 276 (Alonzo) (Relating to the minimum wage -would increase the state minimum wage to the greater of $6.15 or the federal minimum wage).

H.B. 387 (Turner) (Relating to the right of an employee who is a parent of a child enrolled in a special education program to time off from work to meet with certain persons affecting the eduction of the child).

S.B. 64 (Zaffirini) (Relating to the right of an employee who is victim of a crime to time off from work to attend court proceedings related to that crime).

S.B. 280 (Davis) (Relating to unlawful employment practices regarding discrimination in payment of compensation)

S.B. 314 (Zaffirini) (Relating to unemployment compensation eligibility and chargebacks regarding certain persons who are victims or whose immediate family members are victims of sexual assault). 

S.B. 321  (Hegar/Birdwill) (Relating to an employee’s transportation and storage of certain firearms or ammunition while on certain property owned or controlled by the employee’s employer).

H.B. 542 (Dutton) (prohibiting use of an offense dismissed through successful completion of deferred adjudication from being used to deny employment).

H.B. 672 (Christian) (Relating to initial claims under the unemployment compensation system).

S.B. 355 (Ellis); H.B. 670 (Crownover)  (Relating to the elimination of smoking in certain workplaces and public places; providing penalties).

H.B. 667 (Hochberg) (Relating to the payment of wages by an employer through an electronic transfer of funds to a payroll card account).

H.B. 665 (Villareal) (Relating to the prohibition of employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression).

H.B. 625 (Solomons) (Relating to notice of staff leasing services company workers’ compensation claim and payment information; providing an administrative violation).

H.B. 601 (Jackson, J.) (Relating to requiring employers to participate in the federal electronic verification of work authorization program or E-verify). 

HB 1178 (Flynn) (Relating to employment protection for members of the state military forces).

HB 1219 (Miles) (Relating to the right of an employee to time off from work if the employee and/or the employee’s child is the victim of family violence or a violent felony offense).

HB 1272 (Miller) (Relating to the requiring of employees to participate in the Federal Electronic Verification of Work Authorization Program or E-Verify; establishing an unlawful employment practice and providing criminal penalties).

HB 1275 (Harless) (Relating to the suspension of certain licenses held by employers for knowing employment of persons not lawfully present in the United States).

HB 1202 (Riddle) (Relating to the creation of the offense of an employing or contracting with an unauthorized alien).

HB 1166 (Zerwas) (Relating to the tobacco sensation program for certain public employees and their dependents and to the assessment of the fee on certain public employees who use tobacco).

SB 545 (Seliger) (Relating to employment records for law enforcement officers, including procedures to correct employment termination reports; providing an administrative penalty).

HB 1057 (Anchia) (Relating to business leave time for certain municipal fire fighters and police officers).

SB 439 (Van de Putte) (Relating to the exclusion from unemployment compensation charge back for certain employers of uniform service members).

HB 954 (Lozano) (Relating to an employee’s transportation of certain firearms or ammunition while on certain property owned or controlled by employee’s employer).

HB 884 (Howard) (Relating to a limited waiver of sovereign immunity for state and local governmental entities and certain employment lawsuits filed by nurses).

HB 878 (Howard) (Relating to the participation of governmental entities and other employers in a Federal Work Authorization Verification Program; establishing an unlawful employment practice).

HB 681 (Kleinschmidt) (Relating to an employee’s transportation of certain firearms or ammunition while on certain property owned or controlled by the employee’s employer).