The Texas Legislature completed its regular session and is now in special session to address school financing legislation.  The good news for Texas employers is that the Legislature did little damage to employer’s rights during the regular session.  Bills to bring Obama-styled legislation to the Texas Labor Code such as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act failed to pass. 

One limitation on employer’s rights that was passed was SB321.  SB321 prohibits employers from restricting concealed handgun license holders and others lawfully possessing firearms and ammunition from possessing those firearms or ammunition in their vehicles on company property.  You can find more on SB 321 here.

As the U.S. Congress and President continue to enact more legislation affecting employer’s rights and the Texas Legislature continues to show restraint in such matters, there are greater differences between the federal and state laws that employees use to bring claims against employers.  This can have a significant effect on whether employees chose to bring claims under state or federal laws and whether they bring those claims in state or federal court.