Yesterday, the NLRB issued its final rule requiring all employer subject to the National Labor Relations Act to post notices to employees of their NLRA rights such as the right to form and join a union, bargain collectively over wages and to file unfair labor practice charges with the Board as well as instructing employees on how to file those charges. 

Highlights of the Final Rule posting requirement include:  

  • Posting required not later than November 14, 2011;
  • Posting must be at least 11 x 7 inches;
  • Posted in conspicuous places where will be readily seen by employees and in all places where notices to employees concerning personnel rules or policies are customarily posted;
  • Must also be posted electronically on employer’s intranet or Internet site if the employer regularly communicates with its employees about personnel rules or policies in such manner;
  • Must be posted in language spoken primarily by 20 percent or more of workplace; 
  • Federal contractors are also covered;
  • Excluded from posting requirements are U.S. (and its wholly owned Governmental corporations), Federal Reserve Banks, States or political subdivisions, persons subject to the RLA, labor organizations and a few others. 

You can access the full Final Rule here (skip to page 174 to see the text of the Rule).  The content of the required posting is found in Appendix A (beginning on p. 185).  The NLRB also published a Fact Sheet on the new posting requirement you can read here.

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