If you attend many EEOC meditations or the meditations of lawsuits, you know it is important to keep an accurate record of the parties’ respective settlement offers.  This is useful in trying to glean where the parties are going and whether there may be an overlap in their respective settlement positions.  Picture it Settled recently released a new Free Iphone App to assist in tracking and making settlement offers.  Picture it Settled Lite allows a party to track the dollar amount and time of each parties offers; assist a party in making subsequent offers based on prior moves in dollars or as percentages of offers; and even predicts when, in terms of time, the parties, based on their prior concessions, might reach an agreement.  While the applications is not an adequate substitute for the strategy and tactical issues that go into mediation bargaining, it is useful in that it quickly provides some common calculations parties use during the course of mediation.

Try the App and let me know what you think. You can download Picture it Settled Lite at the Itunes Store.  The company states that an Android application is also available.

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