This morning I heard about a new service offered by a Lubbock, Texas company that raised my eyebrows–nude maid service.  I’ve heard of a lot of bad employment relations ideas in my career, but on my drive to work this morning, I was hard pressed to think of one that was worse than this one.   Legal pitfalls apart and having gone to law school in this very conservative West Texas community, I cannot imagine this business succeeds.  I mean, when I was in law school, Lubbock was so conservative that it was a "dry" town and you had to leave the city limits above 89th Street to buy beer (although I understand that since has changed).  I also tried to image all of the impediments this "business" will face.  For example, how will the company obtain essential and necessary insurance?  Who would write even general liability coverage let alone EPLI insurance.  Certainly law enforcement will provide the company with close scrutiny to ensure the "maid service" is not a front for other nefarious activity.  Finally, can you say "potential for sexual harassment" of the employees/independent contracts?  

By the time I arrived a work I had yet to think of a worse employment relations idea for a business that I remembered actually being implemented.  If you can think of a employment relations idea worse than nude maid service, leave it in the comments.

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