Google is shutting down Google Reader on July 1, 2013.  If you subscribe to this blog (and others) by way of Google Reader’s RSS feed, you need to take steps to preserve your subscriptions prior to next week.  At a minimum, you must export your subscriptions to your computer before July 1, 2013, so they will be available to you after Google Reader’s last gasp.  LifeHacker tells you how to export those subscriptions here.

I’ve converted to The Old Reader (TOR).  TOR is a free RSS reader that has the look and feel of Google Reader.  TOR also allows you to import your existing RSS subscriptions from Google Reader and upload them to its platform by following the instructions after registering for the free service (so long as you do so before July 1st).

Kevin O’Keefe, at Lexblog has identified a few other RSS reader that you might want to experiment with:

If you’re looking for a direct replacement to Google Reader—another RSS reader, plain and simple—Feedly is a good fit. Feedly is available in a website interface; as a browser application for Chrome, Safari and Firefox; and for mobile apps on both the iOS and Android platforms.

If you’re open to trying something a bit different, mobile-only magazine-style apps Flipboard and Zite are excellent for discovering new content. Both are available for iOS and Android, for your smartphone and tablet.

Flipboard and Zite each offer a personalized magazine based on your RSS feeds and social networks. I’ve described Zite as a Pandora for content because it gets smarter regarding your content preferences over time.

Finally, if finding a new RSS reader and exporting your subscriptions sounds too intimidating, you can continue to receive new posts from the Texas Employment Law Update by registering for an e-mail subscription.  Just go to the site and subscribe to the feed by e-mail.  If you have any questions about subscribing by e-mail or want me to add you to the e-mail subscription list, send me a note in the comments.

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