Today the U.S. Department of Labor announced publication of a time keeping App for smart phones –the DOL -Timesheet.  Employees can download the free App through iTunes and can be used with the iPad, iPhone and iTouch.  The App is an electronic timesheet that allows employees to record their hours worked and calculate the amount of wages (including overtime) the employee may be owed by the employer.

The App allows employees to track multiple employers; input time manually or start and stop work time automatically; track meal period and other breaks and can even e-mail reports of the hours worked that are already converted into Excel format.  Finally, the App contains a glossary explaining common wage and hour terms and even a function to contact the Department of Labor.  DOL Timesheet is programmed for FLSA compliance; however, I would expect state wage and hour divisions or enterprising wage and hour class action counsel to develop similar Apps that would apply state wage and hour laws.

DOL Timesheet is another example (like the private attorney referral program –Bridge to Justice) of the Department’s attempt to make it easier for employees to pursue claims against employers for wage and hour violations.  Employers must be vigilant to ensure that they are properly paying employees for all hours worked and at appropriate rates of pay for those hours.