Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Texas heard oral argument in two employment cases.

In El Apple I, Ltd. v. Olivas, (No. 10-0490), the Court is considering whether detailed lodestar attorney fee calculation is required with breakdowns for each specific task.  Also under consideration is whether appellate fees should be calculated in advance or only upon remand from appeal.  You can access a video of the oral argument here.

I’ve written before about the Prairie View A&M University v. Chatha case, which I believe was wrongly decided by the court of appeal.  (post here).  In Chatha (No. 10-0353), the Court is considering whether the statute of limitations on an employee’s complaint of discriminatory pay commences on the date the decision is communicated to the employee or on the date the paycheck reflecting the allegedly discriminatory pay decision is issued to the employee. You can watch the video in Chatha here.

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