I read a thought provoking article by Colin Turner in Business Review Europe about the importance of rewarding employees at Christmas and how those rewards can motivate employees. The article emphasized the importance of rewarding employees not only for the service they have provided, but to reward them prospectively for the service the employer expects to receive. This pay-it-forward concept is exemplified by the following: 

The tale goes that prior to the 18th century you would give a tip to the groom at the Highway Inn in advance of the service you wanted. This was to insure performance that your horse would be fed and watered. Similarly if we want the best out of employees we must take the opportunity to reward them in advance of the service we expect and at the time when people really want to be valued – Christmas or the Festive Holiday.

The take-away from the article was that if employers should treat their employees as the valued professionals it expects and wants them to be, the employees will respond accordingly. Its an interesting philosophy to think about and may be successful in motivating some employees.

A full copy of Colin’s article can be review in at page 60 of December’s Business Review Europe published by White Digital Media.

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