Every once in a while I write a post just for fun. One example was the post I wrote about religious reasonable accommodation and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Today is another fun post I felt compelled to write to justify the hour I spent watching funny video’s this weekend –the first weekend without real football (Yes, I know the Pro Bowl was last weekend but that is not real football).  

If you are a human resources professional or manager of employees you will eventually give you deposition in a lawsuit.  The lawyer that prepares you for your deposition will undoubtedly give you good tips.  He or she will remind you to tell the truth; not to volunteer information and remind you to only answer the questions asked.  Here are few examples of some things you shouldn’t do in a deposition that your lawyer might not specifically cover. 
So, from this clip we learned 1) not to argue with the lawyer; 2) don’t bring your mother to the deposition; and 3) don’t use a stocking to cover your face during a video deposition.  A better example of how to behave in a deposition is this expert witness in a deposition taken by Texas legend Joe Jamail.
The witness remains calm, cool and out of the fray –for the most part –despite the chaos around him.  So remember, when being deposed in a contentious case over an employment decision, be more like our expert witness and less like all of the parties in the first clip.

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