Now that the election is over and most of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is likely to take effect, some employer will want to revisit the new obligations and requirements of the Act.  On November 30, 2012, our firm is presenting a complimentary webinar titled "Health Care Reform:  What Lays Ahead with the Affordable Care Act?"  My partner, Henry Robinson, will cover the following topics likely to be of interest to any employer that will be covered by the Act:

  • Can my company avoid the employer mandate, and if so, how?
  • What will and will not actually subject my company to employer mandate penalties and how can they be minimized?
  • Can my company expect to avoid all penalties or should we learn to accept them as a cost of doing business?
  • Why will the individual mandate impact employers?
  • Does my company have any discretion that might help minimize health care costs?
  • Will there be any advantage my company can derive from an Exchange?
  • Are Tax Credits worth the effort?
  • How can my company turn Health Care Reform into a positive?
  • Should my company ignore the Cadillac tax until 2018?

You can register for this complimentary webinar here.

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