Employers conduct variety of background checks on employees and applicants depending on the level of hire and the duties performed. Of the background checks that employers conduct, which category of employees should receive the most rigorous background checks –the CEO, Comptroller, Treasurer? All worthy choices. 

As the Edward Snowden NSA leak teaches, those who have broad access to a company’s computer systems can do significant damage. Consequently, the most rigorous background check should be conducted on the IT Director. The IT Director has virtually unfettered, unchecked access to your company files, data, e-mails and electronic information. The IT Director can access computer passwords, create back door access to computer systems that may be active even after the IT Director leaves the firm and can review all of the company’s confidential, proprietary and trade secret information. Most employers are not even equipped to monitor and oversee the activities of the IT Director because that is what the IT Director is hired to do.

For these reasons, I believe the IT director should receive the most in-depth, rigorous background check prior to being hired for employment. Who do you think should receive the most rigorous background check?

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