I have already written about the Herman Cain story and won’t opine further on it here except to say, I have no idea who is telling the truth in the he-said-she-said (and she-said; and she said) story.  The headlines do remind me about what little rights the accused harasser has when, as Herman Cain claims, a false complaint of harassment has been made.   And before you start sending me the hate mail over this HSO, read the remainder of this post.Continue Reading What Rights Does the Accused Have in Response to a False Harassment Complaint?

 Herman Cain is in the news for all the wrong reasons.  During his tenure at the National Restaurant  Association the Association apparently settled two complaints of sexual harassment involving Cain.  

I have no idea what the underlying allegations were against Cain or whether the settlements were made to avoid inconvenience and buy peace or because the