If you are are regular reader of this blog, you know that by November 14, 2011, most private employers (union and non-union) have to post notice of employees’ federal labor rights to form and join a union.  Some of you may have even already posted the NLRB-sanctioned poster.  

However, several lawsuits have been filed

I’ve previously written about the new NLRB requirement that most employers post notice of employee’s NLRB rights (post here).  The posting requirement is effective November 14, 2011, for both union and non-union employers.  Yesterday, the NLRB made available an appropriate posting for download.   The NLRB’s site also has answers to some commonly asked

This week the Department of Labor published a poster that must be used by all employers employing employees under H-2A visas.  H-2A visa holders are non-immigrant employees employed in temporary or seasonal agricultural jobs.  A copy of the required poster (in English) can be accessed here.  (Spanish here)  This poster is required by federal rules published February