The National Labor Relations Act protects employees’ right to form unions, collectively bargain and otherwise engage in collective activities for their mutual aid and protection.  Collective activities for mutual aid and protection usually relate to wages, hours, working conditions and other terms and conditions of employment.  These activities apply to union and nonunion employers.  In recent years, the National Labor Relations Board and the Board’s General Counsel have made taken legal positions to expand the scope of the NLRA and its affect on nonunion employers.  The Board and General Counsel have also taken a variety of steps to educate employees about their NRLA rights.

My partner, Henry Robinson, is publishing an article this summer in the Labor Law Journal that analyzes the Board’s latest enforcement positions and how those positions affect common policies found in most employer handbooks.  You can download a full copy of Applying NLRA Section 7 to Company Policies and Related Discipline at the link.

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