Some of the best lessons are those learned not through our own mistakes; but rather by the mistakes of others.  We get all the same knowledge without the pain associated with learning by our own mistakes.  Fifteen years ago, Radio Shack was blasted for communicating the layoff of over 400 workers to the employees by text message.  Communicating important employment actions like layoffs and terminations by mass e-mail and text seems impersonal and should be avoided if possible.

Last week, gave the HR world another lesson to avoid.  The CEO apparently invited 15 percent of his workforce (or 900 employees) to a Zoom meeting where he unceremoniously advised them that they were terminated immediately.

Here is a capture of the Zoom call

While I get the efficiency needed when necessity requires the communication of an employment action to a large number of the workers simultaneously, there must be a better method than the mass Zoom meeting used by  Be better