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U.S. Department of Labor Guidance on Furloughs

Posted in Furloughs, Wage & Hour
The U.S. Department of Labor recently issued guidance via answers to some Frequently Asked Questions regarding work furloughs.  The FAQs can be found here.  I’ve previously written on employer use of furloughs.  You can read that post here. Richard Tuschman at the Florida Employment and Immigration Law Blog also has a good post on furloughs that explains some of the potential… Continue Reading

Furloughs: An Alternative to Layoffs

Posted in Furloughs
Furloughs: An Alternative to Layoffs. During challenging economic times employers utilize various ways to reduce payroll expenses. These include layoffs, pay freezes or pay cuts, hiring freezes and reduced workweeks. However, in this latest economic crisis, employers are using employee furloughs with increasing frequency.  What is a furlough? A furlough is a temporary, unpaid period of time away… Continue Reading