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Fifth Circuit Holds Employer’s No Photography Rule Violated the NLRA but Other Standard Policies Were Lawful

Posted in Case Summaries, Human Resources
Last week the Court reviewed, and largely reversed, a National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB or Board) order finding that four policies contained in a Company’s employee handbook violated the National Labor Relations Act (the Act). The case is important because the challenged policies are similar to policies contained in many employee handbooks.  Moreover, an employee… Continue Reading

Texas Employee Handbooks Should Include Contractual Rights Disclaimers

Posted in Human Resources
Employees occasionally sue Texas employers for breach of contract claiming the employer violated its handbook policies in taking some action against the employee.  Texas law precludes most breach of contract claims premised on violations of an employee handbook where the handbook contains a provision expressly disclaiming any intent to create binding or contractual rights –whether express or implied.   John Hyman at the Ohio Employer’s… Continue Reading