The Texas Legislature passed SB 321 and sent it to the Governor for approval.  The bill restricts public and private employers from prohibiting employees who are concealed handgun license holders, or otherwise lawfully possessing firearms or ammunition, from transporting or storing firearms or ammunition in the employee’s privately-owned, locked car on the employer’s premises. This bill does not apply to an employer

Its getting near the end of the time to sponsor bills for consideration during this Texas legislative session.  Here are the most recently enrolled bills potentially effecting Texas employers.

HB 2609 (Guillen) (relating to employment at or by certain facilities serving the elderly or persons with disabilities)

HB 2695 (Davis) (relating to acquiring Human Health

The blog has been updated with bills enrolled in the Texas Legislature the week of January 11, 2011 likely to effect Texas employers.  This week’s bills include bills targeted at prohibiting workplace smoking; prohibitions against sexual orientation discrimination; payment of wages through payroll card accounts and a bill to require employers to use the federal

During the 82nd Texas Legislative Session (beginning today), I will track of bills affecting Texas private employers and will link to those bills here.  I intend to update this post weekly to add bills enrolled the previous week and keep a compilation of all employment-related bills here.  Check back weekly for updates.

Bills Enrolled


Senate Bill 314 was enrolled in the Texas Legislature and would exclude, from an employer’s unemployment tax account (i.e., no chargeback), unemployment benefits paid to an employee who left employment because he or she (or their immediate family member) is a victim of sexual assault.  Bill text here.


The Texas Legislature commences its 82nd Legislative Session on January 11, 2011.  One of the bills recently enrolled for consideration is a bill to add Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act provisions to the Texas Labor Code.  Senate Bill 280 would extend the statute of limitations for allegations of discrimination in payment of compensation (or other undefined practices) to the last date

In less than a month, the Texas Legislature starts its 82nd Legislative Session.  In Texas the Legislature only meets in regular session for 140 days every two years.  The 82nd Legislative Session kicks off on January 11, 2011.  Over the term of the session, I’ll try to identify the bills that, if passed, will impact Texas employment